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  • Men’s hoodies & sweatshirts are what everyone wears when the temperature starts to drop, right?

    And we know that there are three types of men: men who like sweatshirts, men who like hoodies and men who have both styles in their closets.

    We're the third type, we like both, hoodies and sweatshirts. Which is why we've come up with both styles, so that you can enjoy choosing a different style of sweatshirt each day, depending on what makes you feel more comfortable.

    We also offer you the choice of zip-up sweatshirts. The main advantage of the zip-up design is that it's quicker to take off or put on. And actually, it is a question of preference, because both styles are super comfortable.

    Our soft SikSilk men's hoodies and sweatshirts are like wearing a hug.

    Urban style mixed with originality, quality and design. Life's essentials.
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