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  • 100% SikSilk women's clothing.

    Welcome to a world specialized in urban women's clothing. That woman like you, who does not settle for the first thing they see, lover of quality clothing and always looking for originality.

    Here you will find all the SikSilk women's clothing on the web so relax and enjoy online shopping. Latest products, offers,'s all here.

    Remember that if you have any doubts about sizes, you can always use the women's size guide for all the brand's garments. You only need to have a sewing tape to measure the areas that we mark in the guide. If you still have any doubts, write to us at

    Our specialized team will help you find the size you need and you will only have to add them to the cart, they are all yours.

    We want you to share with us your SikSilk moments at home, at work or having a drink with friends.

    Tag us @siksilkwomens, we look forward to seeing you.

    Join the Siksilk movement, #siksilk #followthemovement.